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Your aim should be to lose ‘healthy weight’ whilst not incurring any nutritional deficiencies ‘as you do so.’ So you and I will target your body’s excess fat. This is a process which takes time but eventually the results are sure shot.
Please note that even though you are on a weight loss diet, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily starve yourself or restrict your food intake. The key to success is to eat the right foods and at the right timings.
Satisfy your urge to eat, (eat all you can), but in a balanced manner.
Looking at your body structure, there could be various reasons why you are on the heavier side. Your overweight could be genetically inherited, your underlying condition (E.g.; Hypothyroidsm), you have bad eating habits or you do not get enough exercise. Step by step we will analyze exactly what your requirements are and together we will act on it accordingly.

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Be forewarned. Weight gain is a slow and lengthy process. You will struggle to add those few kilos. I’m talking from experience. A few years ago I was on the same page; I too fought the hard fight. Then through that struggle the realization hit me, weight gain not only requires one to eat correctly, one also needs to slow down one’s metabolism. Both these facets need to work in tandem, to achieve results. With me, you will go through the correct process in a methodical manner.


Detoxification is a process we all need to at certain intervals. At FFL we will assess your lifestyle and then formulate a personalized plan to suit your body type and your schedule. In our holistic approach to detoxification, after analyzing your body type we will accurately assess the type of toxins you need to eliminate. Leading to you feeling infinitely more energized as your body better absorbs the nutrients from the food you eat. And voila, you are so much healthier.

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All organisms living or non – living with time go through the wear and tear process. It’s the law of nature. Thus it is vitally important that we replenish what is worn away. We have to give ourselves the time and patience to nurture the lost cells: to replenish our systems. Following my rejuvenation system, allows me to analyze your body’s requirement and set you on the path of rebuilding yourself. You will see the change with a supple skin complexion, lustrous silky hair and beautiful nails. Believe you me the insides of your body also has the correct non acidic PH Levels. Not only does it build your immunity it makes you feel so refreshed and young again.


In the modern frenetic day and age eating unhealthy could be the biggest crisis we face. Leading ultimately to so many lifestyle related disorders. To name a few of the more common are Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Obesity and High Cholesterol levels. There are plenty more too. At FFL we will correct these disorders by assigning you dietary changes and some exercises which can be done by you at home. You will drastically cut down or entirely desist from taking medication, even as you feel so much healthier.

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For those of you who just aim to live a fit life this one’s for you! We’ll help you assess your lifestyle goal, then based on your requirements we’ll recommend a diet and exercise pattern that best suits your needs.